3rd Sep 2015, 10:34 PM

I just realized that I had a blog function here.


Welcome to my little corner of the Internet webcomics.  We're still in transition following the collapse of our previous webhost; Felicia's current story is entirely archived, Mr Cow is still in the process of having it's archived slowly uploaded, and Champion Of Katara has started over, rerunning the entire series from the beginning until we reach the point where the transition here interupted the series.  Please feel free to comment  -- in fact, please comment; feedback is a wonderful thing! The comments are moderated, but I do check for them fairly often.  Or you can come to the Cross Time Cafe forums and post there (http://www.crosstimecafe.com/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=752); I check in pretty often.


And, while the comics are hosted free here, courtesy of Comic Fury, the comics themselves are subsidized by my wonderful patrons through the Patreon site.  Thank you one and all... and we'll be posting names here in a subsequent post.  (Unless, of course, you prefer not to have your name posted here.)